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The Settlers: Heritage of Kings starts from a completely different premise
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The Settlers series is already a classic in the genre of real-time strategy games, thanks to its carefully built system resources, considered the best of its kind, above even games like Age of Empires.
The Settlers: Heritage of Kings starts from a completely different premise. This is the story of a dethroned prince, whose father was murdered by a tyrant who now controls the land. Your mission will be to embody that prince and conquer his lost kingdom through the construction of cities and the formation of alliances, in addition, of course, you will have to obtain victory in battles.

The main objective of this game is to colonize new territories through the creation of cities. You will build new cities for your population, thus, you´ll have to get some basic resource and more and more troops. In addition, you will search for the necessary materials to make the buildings and an army to defend your city which will need food and a place to rest, so you will also have to provide them with homes and farms.
This title is based on a real city, full of people on which we exercise indirect control. You will be able to collect taxes, as in a real city. The money that you will get in that way, will pay your army, buildings and to trade with other towns.

In conclusion, in this game you will need strategy, management and order to reach your goal.

María Noel Balla
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